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Express Entry System: Forms Over Substance? If Not An Immigration Decision – What Is It?

Express Entry will soon be five months old.  There is still so much to learn and understand, and in particular, what it is. Click here

Life after an ITA **NEW**

The excitement of receiving an Invitation to Apply (“ITA”) for Permanent Residence (“PR”) under the new Express Entry (“EE”) system quickly dissipates once applicants realize the work that is required afterwards. Click here

Mario D. Bellissimo Featured in Article: “Canada moves to tighten border controls” **NEW**

Mario D. Bellissimo was featured in an April 23rd article by Dene Moore, as Canada further tightens border control. Click here

The Tricky Issue of Credibility

At the heart of much immigration litigation is the tricky issue of credibility. Click here

What Our Clients Say

I would recommend Bellissimo Law group to anyone who needs legal support tailored to the individual case no matter how complex that case might be. The professionalism demonstrated by this firm is second to none.

James Frolich

I would like to thank the professionalism and attention to detail the staff at Bellissimo Law Group has exhibited in my case. My case has been approved in under a year, which is a testament to how good Bellissimo Law Group is at immigration cases.

Omofola Lyon

BLGPC’s multicultural team encompasses many specialties and our staff members are among the most highly trained and most experienced immigration lawyers, consultants and clerks in the country.


Toronto Immigration Lawyers

A  recognized name in Canadian immigration with a unique expertise in appeals, medical and inadmissibility cases we service all Canadian corporate & individual immigration needs. Our skilled team, elite standards & extensive experience have resulted in success at every level of the immigration process including the Supreme Court of Canada. We are ready to assist with efficient, cost effective & practical solutions.

Recognized name • We have a well-respected and lengthy history with immigration authorities and the courts. Our immigration lawyers have worked on cases that have shaped immigration law.

Elite Standards • We only accept a certain number of cases to ensure it can deliver the highest service standards.

Legal Publications • We are at the forefront of legal publications and are responsible for three national publications - all published by Carswell, Canada’s leading legal publisher.

          “Does Canada Need Immigrants?"

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