September 14, 2012

Canada Welcomes 20,000 Permanent Residents

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Canada has welcomed 20,000 permanent residents through the Canadian Experience Class, echoing Minister Kenney’s and the government’s efforts in making a permanent home for many superlative individuals offering skilled competence. Minister Kenney promotes the level of competence being very high for these individuals to be processed under the CEC immigration stream.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is promoting changes within the CEC program to facilitate and ease the transition period between individuals currently working within Canada and wanting to become permanent residents. The program is intended to supply more flexibility to recent undergraduates. All applicants will require 12 months of Canadian work experience gained in the 36 months preceding their application.

These individuals experience and knowledge combined will help commemorate Canada’s promotion of strong and dedicated people. The goal of the CEC program is so that Canada retains talented and motivated people ready to go out in the work force and contribute to the Canadian economy.

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