July 7, 2014

CAN+ Visa Program To Be Launched In India

Posted by Joanna Mennie - Bellissimo Law Group PC

The Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander, visited India this week in order to promote the country’s strong economic ties with Canada. He declared the launch of the CAN+ visa program, which will allow Indian nationals to visit Canada easier.


For Indians who have visited Canada or the US within the last 10 years, CAN+ will allow them to benefit from expedited processing times and the need for less supporting documents which, leaving more time for visa officers to tackle other cases, is seen as a win-win for all those interested in visiting Canada. They will however have to provide documentary evidence of their past travels within the last 10 years. India is seen not only as a major partner for key economic activity here in Canada, but cultural interests too; it is a top 10 source for international visitors, and in 2014 about 95% of visitor visas issued to India nationals were multiple-entry visas.


Visas for those who qualify for the CAN+ pilot project would be issued one within 5 days.


Indian business people, tourists and students will certainly benefit from this program, all done to continue facilitating good trade and travel between the two countries.