July 17, 2014

Canada – New Hub for Indian “Techies”: Amazon, Facebook & Microsoft Taking Advantage

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

With US work visas becoming harder to obtain, Indian nationals should consider Canada as a new place for techies and venture capitalists to work and settle.
In a conversation with The Times of India, Citizenship Minister Chris Alexander explained that for Indians who are technology-oriented, obtaining permanent residency will become more accessible than ever before. As an example, if an Indian start-up is able to secure funding from a Canadian venture capital or an angle investor, the option to pursue permanent residency might be possible. Likewise, if an Indian national buys a Canadian company and is the manager/principal for more than a year, permanent residency in Canada might be a possibility.
Initial feedback from India’s tech community has been positive, and other actors have start to react. Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, for instance, have set up operations in Vancouver in order to benefit from this change in immigration policy. With the goal of attracting reliable investment into the Canadian economy, the federal government is moving to ensure that relations with one of Canada’s largest sources of capable and well-qualified immigrants continue to be encouraged and welcomed.