September 9, 2014

The Growing Importance of BC’s Rising Minority Workers

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

The province of British Columbia (BC) is simultaneously experiencing an increase of Canadians looking to enter the employment sector, and a rise in baby boomers looking to retire within the near future. As a result, one million jobs will be created within the next 8 years, with more than two-thirds of the jobs becoming available due to the need to replace aging workers.

The question is obvious; where will BC find people to fill these jobs? One compelling answer may lie in the province’s minority workers, which includes newcomers to Canada. Newcomers, who comprise approximately 20 percent of our country’s population, often bring with them skills in the trades. Although some might view newcomers as creating competition for Canadian jobs, in reality, allowing experienced newcomers to fill industry jobs which require experience can actually free up positions for young Canadians who are at the beginning stages of their careers and need to accumulate entry-level experience.

Companies like Industry Training Authority have recognized this fact and are tapping into minority workers to help create a diverse and thriving job economy for many generations to come.