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New Federal Skilled Worker Regulations Anticipated This Summer!

June 11, 2012

Pre-publication of new Federal Skilled Worker regulations are anticipated to arrive this summer with implementation at the end of 2012.

Anticipated changes include:

  • implementation of mandatory minimum language standards. Those not meeting the standard will not be eligible, regardless of overall points on the grid;
  • third party equivalency assessments of educational credentials will be required up front, and will replace years of education;
  • changes to the grid including:
    • changes to the points for age (with more points concentrated for younger applicants);
    • allowing more points for language and age;
    • allowing more points for Canadian experience;
    • simplifying points for AEO (and making the AEO process identical to the LMO process); and
    • changing spousal points for adaptability to focus on language rather than education.


The list of occupations will continue to be revised and an announcement is expected in July 2012.

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