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How Well Do You Know Canada?

June 29, 2015
Canada-flag-150x150 Alissa Mancuso

On Wednesday, July 1st Canadians across the country will be celebrating Canada Day!

How well do you know Canada? Test your knowledge with our quiz below! (You will find the answers at the end of the quiz – don’t peak!)

On behalf of the BLG team, Happy Canada Day!

1. What year did Canada officially become a country?

a)      1890

b)      1867

c)      1872

d)      1901

2. What is the capital of Canada?

a)      Toronto

b)      Edmonton

c)      Ottawa

d)      Halifax

3. How many provinces and territories does Canada have?

a)      10 provinces, 2 territories

b)      8 provinces, 3 territories

c)      12 provinces, 1 territory

d)      10 provinces, 3 territories

4. What are Canada’s two official languages?

a)      English and French

b)      English and Spanish

c)      French and Spanish

d)      None of the above

5. What colour is the Canadian Flag?

a)      White and blue

b)      Red and white

c)      Blue and red

d)      Red and yellow

Answers: 1. b   2. c   3. d   4. a   5. b

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