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This Week’s Success Story: Extensive Submissions Grant Study Permit After Previous Refusal

June 1, 2016
2f97a4b7484c72e5f8550ff1f3da5473_400x400 Marisa Mastrogiovanni

Our firm was approached by a young woman who’s most recent study permit extension application had been refused.  She had commenced her studies in Canada prior to the new changes to study permits in June 2014 and held a study permit for a school which was not on the Designated Learning Institute list.  She had only one semester of school remaining, and was devastated that she would be unable to complete her studies and qualify for a post-graduate work permit.

Our firm made extension submissions on behalf of our client and was able to restore her status in Canada. Her accompanying co-op work permit was also approved along with her study permit. She will now be able to complete her program and have the opportunity to apply for a post-graduate work permit!

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