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Counting Canada’s Olympic Success so Far!

August 9, 2016
olympic-swimming-pool-1185773_960_720 Nora Ursulescu

The 2016 Rio Olympics are in full swing, and Canada is already making its mark. Things got underway with the opening ceremony last  Friday, August 5th and Rosie McLennan as flag bearer. Following the dynamic, cheerful, and colorful celebration, athletes realised that’s it’s time to rest up and get ready for two weeks of competition.

So far, Canada has added four medals to its count –3 in swimming and 1 in rugby. With the games only beginning, more are sure to follow. Speaking of following, we here at BLG will be keeping a close eye on the Olympics and Canada’s journey. Stay tuned in to our social media feeds every Tuesday and Friday for an updated medal count!

Go Canada Go!


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