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This Week’s Success Story: Client Granted Authorization to Return to Canada to Visit Relatives

March 15, 2017
2f97a4b7484c72e5f8550ff1f3da5473 Marisa Mastrogiovanni

Our office was approached by a client who was seeking our assistance to return to Canada. In the late 80s he arrived to Canada and submitted a refugee claim.  Unfortunately, his claim was refused and an exclusion order was issued against him. Unintentionally he failed to notify Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)/Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) when he departed from Canada and as a result his departure was not formally executed at that time.

Years later he tried to enter Canada to visit his relatives, and only at that time he learned from CBSA officials that there was a pending immigration warrant for him and an unexecuted deportation order remained outstanding against him.

We worked diligently to complete and submit his application for Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC), in order to facilitate his travels to visit relatives in Canada. Despite some difficulties in obtaining documents confirming his departure, our submissions were accepted. His application was approved within six months.

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