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Toronto Ranked 8th City in the World for Most Skyscrapers!

April 27, 2017
buildings-1842147_960_720 Marisa Mastrogiovanni

Toronto has been ranked within the top ten cities for the most skyscrapers in the world! The rankings were compiled by the architecture site ArchDaily, and has defined a skyscraper as a building that is at least 100 metres tall.

Using such metrics, Toronto was placed in 8th place, with a total of 255 skyscrapers within the city. This certainly comes as no surprise for us Torontonians. I mean, just look up!

The top ten cities with the most skyscrapers are as follows:

  • Hong Kong (1302)
  • New York (727)
  • Tokyo (488)
  • Chicago (312)
  • Shanghai (296)
  • Dubai (286)
  • Shenzhen (260)
  • Toronto (255)
  • Guangzhou (245)
  • Singapore (232)

To read more on which cities have the most skyscrapers, please click here.

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