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BLG is one of the largest full-service Canadian immigration law firms, exclusively committed to immigration to Canada, citizenship and refugee law.

BLG handles cases anywhere in Canada and we offer representation on ALL Canada immigration, citizenship and refugee matters. We focus on complicated immigration matters, including medical and other inadmissibility issues, deportations and refusals of all types. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and excellence in servicing your immigration needs. Mr. Bellissimo is one of very few certified specialists in Immigration, Citizenship and Refugee law and he is fully capable in helping you with same. He heads our immigration team that includes highly trained lawyers, consultants, clerks and support staff. They are ready to assist you with efficient, cost effective and practical solutions.

Corporate Immigration Services

We take great pride in our approach to corporate client services.

We understand the urgent need for cross-border migration in today’s global economy and are continually meeting this need for our corporate clients.

Our firm provides immigration solutions for our clients’ corporate staffing needs, which may be difficult to meet when the correct immigration procedures and strategies are not utilized. Our firm provides immigration solutions for our corporate clients with the most time-effective solutions possible.

We offer diverse corporate services applicable to a broad range of clients, from large multinational corporations, professional sporting teams, to small businesses and individual employers. Our focus is service in the complex area of cross-border inadmissibility including medical and criminal inadmissibility.

Our firm is well-known for its proactive strategies surrounding inadmissibility issues that may arise in the course of the application process, that may prevent successful relocation. Our knowledge of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), GATS (General Agreement on Trades in Services) and intra-company transfers allow us to potentially overcome apparent obstacles in the path to achieving successful cross-border migration.

The very nature of these matters is often time senstitive, high stake applications that require comprehensive management of the file at all levels. Our large team of lawyers, certified immigration consultants, law clerks and support staff are specifically trained and well experienced to handle these matters.

At BLG we enjoy a proven philosophy, formulas and strategies that assist our corporate clientele with proactive, realistic and effective immigration and citizenship solutions. For more information on our corporate services, please contact our office to schedule an appointment to speak with Mario D. Bellissimo.

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