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Everyone seeking to come to Canada is presumed to be an immigrant. Only those persons who have a right to come to Canada or whose admission would not be contrary to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act or regulations may be admitted to Canada. The burden of proof rests upon the person seeking entry.

Obtaining Visa Abroad

Every immigrant and visitor must apply for and have a visa before appearing at a Canadian port of entry, unless otherwise prescribed. For those individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada permanently, the immigrant must qualify as an applicant under selection categories as determined by the Canadian government. The prospective immigrant must also meet medical and financial qualifications depending upon various factors.

There are several categories under which a potential immigrant/visitor may qualify for entry including:

  1. Visitor
  2. Student
  3. Work Permit
  4. Canadian Experience Class
  5. Provincial Nominee Program
  6. Other Provincial Programs
  7. Skilled Worker- 38 new categories
  8. Business Immigrant
  9. Family Class
  10. Temporary Resident
  11. Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Applications
  12. Live-in Caregiver

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