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Visas are the passes that are necessary in order to apply to enter Canada on a temporary (non-immigrant visas) or permanent (immigrant visas) basis.

Depending upon the type of visa, a person may be allowed to work, attend school, obtain specialised training, vacation, receive medical treatment or remain indefinitely. Certain visas allow a person to change or “adjust status” while in Canada. For example, a person may enter the country on a tourist visa and change to a student visa in order to attend school. Similarly, a person may come on a temporary visa and apply for permanent residency.

BLG Express Immigration Services

We offer BLG EXPRESS IMMIGRATION SERVICES like commissioning and notarizing affidavits, passports, accessing immigration files and all those small tasks many firms do not assist with unless they are already a client of the firm.

If you are a client of BLG these EXPRESS IMMIGRATION SERVICES are included.

We also offer the BLG AFTERCARE PROGRAM so clients can call us and we can provide advice as to who to seek for other legal services, setting up bank accounts and general assistance with their resettlement in Canada.

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