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27 June 2011

Action Plan for Faster Immigration!

In order to reduce backlog and improve wait times while meeting the country’s labour market needs, Canada is adjusting the intake of applications from economic immigrants. CIC will be limiting the number of new applications it will consider in certain categories of the federal economic immigration stream effective July 1, 2011.

These changes will affect applications to the federal Skilled Worker, Immigrant Investor and Entrepreneur programs. The changes will not affect the number of permanent resident admissions in these categories in 2011.

The government first took steps to identify those federal skilled worker applications that responded to Canada’s labour needs in November 2008. An updated list of 29 priority occupations was released by CIC in June 2010 and a global cap of 20,000 for skilled workers and a sub-cap of 1,00- under each occupation was introduced. The government will now further limit the numbers of new applications to be considered for processing for applicants who do not have offers of employment to 10,000 a year as of July 1st. A new sub-cap of 500 per each current occupation will be considered.

Furthermore, a cap of 700 will be introduced on new federal investor applications. Despite raised minimum net worth and investment requirements. CIC continues to receive excessive amounts of applications. This cap will allow backlog reduction while ensuring that there is a sufficient volume of new files to meet commitments.

A temporary moratorium is being introduced on new federal entrepreneur applications due to the fact that wait times for this program currently extend to eight years at some visa offices. A review of the program will be conducted over coming months to ensure Canada can more effectively attract and retain entrepreneurs.

The CIC website will be updated on July 1, 2011, with details on application requirements and procedures for affected programs.


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