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Amendment made to the U.S. Visa Holder category in Canadian immigration

The popular U.S. Visa Holder category of the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program has been modified to restrict some IT professionals from qualifying for the program. The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program, known as AINP, has removed eight IT occupations from their list. The removed categories had been among the most popular under the U.S. Visa Holder category applicants.

Prior to this change, AINP applicants would qualify to immigrate to Canada under this category if they have been working in the United States on a temporary work visa (including H1B, H1B1, H1C and E3) for at least one year in the listed occupation. Candidates were more hopeful to succeed on this route to immigration as the Federal Skilled Worker applicants must achieve at least 67 points based on six selection factors in order to qualify.

Though the changes reflects negative opportunities for skilled workers nominees, IT workers are still highly sought-after candidates for immigration to Canada. The Alberta program is also still available to temporary workers in the United States who have work experience in one of the other 73 listed qualifying occupations.

*Source: http://cicnews.com/2009/05-h1b-fasttract-canadian-immigration

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