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Anniversary and Birthday Spotlight!

August 2017

Anniversary: We are celebrating Viola’s anniversary this month! We extend our best wishes to you on your 9th anniversary with Bellissimo Law Group PC. May you continue to inspire us for many years to come and please remember how much you are needed, respected and valued! Thank you Viola for all your hard work.

Upcoming Anniversaries: Fabiola will be celebrating her 6th anniversary, while Chi celebrates her 3rd anniversary with BLGPC!

Birthdays: Last month, Chris celebrated his birthday on August 6th, Guillermo on August 17th and Kasia celebrated her birthday on August 23rd — We hope that you all had amazing birthdays filled with happiness, laughter and joy!


September 2017 

Anniversary: This month, we are celebrating Fabiola and Chi’s anniversaries! Fabiola has been with Bellissimo Law Group PC for 6 years, while Chi has been with our firm for 3 years! Looking back on the years that have gone by, BLGPC could not have done it without you both. Through your efforts and dedication, you have both made all the difference in every way! On behalf of the BLGPC team, thank you and happy anniversaries!

Upcoming Anniversary: Maria will be celebrating her 3rd anniversary with BLGPC!

Birthdays: Happy birthday to Maria who celebrated on September 1st! Our whole team is wishing you the happiness of birthdays and a great year ahead!

Upcoming Birthdays: Magda will be celebrating her birthday on October 27th!




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