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Family Class Sponsorships

Bill C-50(2)

Q. You wrote about the new changes to the Immigration Act a few weeks ago. Do those changes affect bringing your family to Canada?

A. Bill C-50 is causing quite a stir. The government wants even greater discretion in the selection of immigrants and to take the system in a new direction. The Minister already has broad authority to establish regulations including the establishing of classes, selection criteria, number of applications etc. At present the government maintains changes, which will allow the Minister to issue instructions to officers and not process certain applications among other things, will not affect families. However, I can think of many ways it could – here are a few examples. An immigration officer would no longer have to consider an overseas humanitarian and compassionate grounds application for let’s say a father who had a child born to him that he was not aware of at the time of birth. Or a mother who came here as a live in caregiver and believed she should not declare her children when she came to Canada. Or even a child refugee who wants to sponsor his/her parents. Now we cannot say for sure officers will interpret these changes in this way but I guess the point is that they now have that power. For more information on the changes visit my web site. Thank you for your question.

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