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BLG PC Important Updates

Please note the following updates for the month of August:

  • Chris Collette wins first Federal Court case:   Our team is extremely proud of Chris and members of our litigation team that worked to successfully defend Dr. Irfan Saddique’s Grant of Citizenship. This case made headlines in both the National Post and Global! To read more about the case, please click here.
  • Marisa and Karan have switched from full time to limited availability:  Karan will be going back to school to continue his studies, while Marisa will start a postgraduate Marketing program after gaining interests while working within the Marketing department at BLGPC. Karan will be available on Thursdays to assist with legal writing and research, while Marisa will be available on Wednesdays.
  • Changes to LMIA came into effect August 28th: ESDC has announced the requirement of a new “Job Match” service for all employers who wish to use the LMIA application system to recruit foreign workers to Canada. To read more about these changes, please click here.



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