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Canadian Citizenship, Visas and Passports

Can I Apply for my Passport?

Q. I have a problem and I do not know whether you can help me. I am ready to apply for Canadian citizenship as I am in Canada for more than 3 years. But, recently I discovered that I have a record after I did a police reference check required for a job. It is not really a criminal record, I guess it is something else. Now I do not know whether I am eligible to apply for the passport or not? Thank you.

A. Before applying for a passport, you must apply for Canadian citizenship first. Only if you are granted citizenship, may you apply for the Canadian passport. Certain criminal offences will prohibit you from qualifying for citizenship. To clear your record depending on the offence and when you completed any sentence you may be eligible and qualify for a pardon to clear your record. Certain requirements include: 18 years old or older (minors may also apply for and be granted citizenship); permanent residents; have lived in Canada for three of the four years immediately before applying for citizenship; have knowledge of English and/or French; have knowledge of Canada and of the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship; and are not prohibited from being granted citizenship because of criminal prohibitions, because they are under a removal order, or because they represent a security concern. I would suggest that you consult with Citizenship & Immigration Canada or legal counsel to make sure you are eligible and your record does not disqualify you at this time.

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