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Investor and Entrepreneur Immigration 

Can I Invest in Canada?

Q.I have a friend who wants to immigrate to Canada from China. He is a Chinese citizen and wants to immigrate to Canada as an investor. He wants to know the conditions he has to fulfill and whether can you help him. Thank you.

There are three categories of business applicants: investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed. Your friend wants to immigrate as an investor and aside from having a successful business, he must have proof of having a minimum net worth of legally acquired funds of at least $ 800,000 CDN, and invest $ 400,000 CND in Canada for a period of five years. There are some provincial alternatives aside from the Federal program. This category tends to be the least complicated of the three, although all are quite involved, but requires a large financial investment.

The self-employed category applies mainly to outstanding athletes, persons who can make a significant cultural contribution, or those who intend to buy a farm in Canada and can establish at least two years of relevant business experience. Entrepreneurs enter Canada with certain restrictions: after they demonstrate a successful business track record (business experience and at least $ 300,000 CDN net worth among others) and they are permitted to enter Canada, they must meet certain reporting conditions including establishing a successful business before their permanent resident status is granted and conditions are lifted. There are many other conditions and legal considerations your friend must be aware of before making a final decision and determining which is the most suitable category. I would recommend hiring good counsel to represent him through this complex procedure. Good luck!

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