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Family Class Sponsorships

Can my boyfriend in the U.S. Sponsor Me?

Q. I saw your column in the 24 Hours newspaper. I would like to seek your advice regarding our present situation. I have a boyfriend. He has a permanent resident status here in Canada. We’ve been living together while he was here. Right now, he’s currently working as a Physiotherapist in the USA. I’m a Registered Nurse back in the Philippines. He comes here as often as he & his work schedule allows him. I have no status here, so I cannot go & visit him in the States. We plan to get married this year. My questions are: is it possible for him to sponsor me while he is working in the USA? Will it affect our application given the situation? How high are our chances of approval? Do I need to go back in the Philippines during the process? What are the requirements that we must have to meet & submit? Thank you for your kindness of reading my letter.

A. If I met with you I would ask three key questions to start. How long have you been living together in Canada? When is he returning to live in Canada? Has your boyfriend maintained his permanent resident status (must have 730 days of physical presence in Canada over a five year period)? Here is why I ask. One, a permanent resident cannot make an application to sponsor his common-law partner or spouse while he lives outside Canada. Two, he must maintain his permanent resident status to be able to sponsor you. Three, you must live together continuously for at least one year to qualify as a common law partner but if you marry this does not apply. Last, because you have no status but are (will be) married to a permanent resident of Canada if you file early enough you may not have to return to the Philippines. Be very careful though, having an application in the system, especially a recent one, does not stop you from being deported. So make sure your boyfriend keeps his status, returns home and files soon if you want to make your life in Canada. Good luck!

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