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Can my brother come to Ontario?

Q. I understand you cannot sponsor your brother but we want to bring him here. I have heard of the nominee program but Ontario does not have one. Why are we dropping the number of immigrants to Ontario but letting in so many refugees? How can we bring my brother to Ontario as a carpenter? Thank you.

A. Your brother may qualify for immigration to Canada (Ontario) on the basis of his trade but you have not provided enough details to comment at length. Key information includes his age, his language ability in French and/or English, does he have a high school and college diplomas and how long has he worked as a carpenter? This information is important to start the assessment. Also, your question raises larger immigration issues and I believe it is important to dispel some “immigration myths” that are widely circulated.

First, Ontario does have a provincial nominee program but it is extremely limited and has not produced the numbers and range of categories as other programs throughout Canada. Second, although Ontario has decreased in the percentage number of immigrants to Ontario (53% in 1998 – 47% in 2007) it is still the highest source province for immigrants with Quebec at 19.1% a distant second. Third, we are not reducing the number of immigrants to Ontario because of refugees. Immigrants and refugees are two separate categories and our proposed numbers for 2008 – some 240,000 to 260,000 is approaching Canada’s record year in 1957 of 282,164 new immigrants. So immigration to Ontario is alive and strong and if your brother presents with the right skills and attributes he too may become a new immigrant to Canada. Good luck!

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