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Family Class Sponsorships

Can my mom stay in Canada?

Q. We submitted a parental sponsorship application in Mississauga for my 61 years old widowed mother in June 2006. Meanwhile, I gave birth to our first baby and we decided to bring her to Canada on a visitor visa, to help us with our first-born. Her visitor visa was approved in August 2006 and she came to Canada in October 2006. We were able to extend her visitor visa three times up to October 2008. Would it be possible for her to stay in Canada while waiting for the approval of her permanent resident application?

A. A visitor visa means temporary. Immigration is trying to accommodate parents to stay as long as possible because these sponsorships are taking 3-5 years. There of course is a limit. The best solution is often multiple entry visas, so that they can go back and forth while waiting for the process to be concluded. I cannot predict how long it will take the visa office to process your mother’s application, but, she may stay in Canada as long as her visitor visa is valid. I do not advise that she stays in Canada illegally, if her visitor visa expires or is refused, as this could be an issue with the visa office when they consider her permanent residency application.

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