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Can someone adopt my child?

Q. I am an Indian lady, working in the Middle East. I have two daughters, one is aged 19 and the other one is 10. The elder one is studying 3rd year Electronics Engineering. The younger one is in school (6th standard) in India. We would like to immigrate to Canada. Which is the best way to apply for immigration? If somebody from Canada is ready to adopt one of my children, what will be the procedure?

A. To begin first with your second question, you cannot give up a child for adoption for purposes of immigrating to Canada. A genuine parent child relationship with the new parent must have been established and all ties with you, the natural parent, are legally ended. International adoptions are complex and there are many rules regarding adoption, so that it is valid and considered genuine by Canada and Immigration Department. Second, when contemplating immigration to Canada, the Department looks at the family as a unit, therefore it is important to know more details about both you and your spouse (if applicable). The main stream of immigration for most without family connection is the Skilled Worker category. At this point in time these applications are on hold as of February 27, 2008 as visa offices await specific instructions from the Minister expected by September or October of this year. In this category, the family unit is assessed according to age, educational background, occupation, work experience, knowledge of English and/or French, relatives in Canada, etc. It is expected that the new changes will place more emphasis on job offers from Canadian employers. So the first information you want to provide is employment background and skills to anyone assessing your chances. Good luck!

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