October 17, 2013

Canada Expected to Lift Visa Requirements for Czech Republic

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Posted by: Mario D. Bellissimo

In attempts to curb the burgeoning number of asylum claims from the Czech Republic, primarily from the ethnic Roma, Canada had issued the requirement for travel visas from the country in 2009 – an act that angered the nation.

However, in an act of good faith and to express Canada’s support for legitimate trade and travel, the Canadian government is expected to lift the requirement within several weeks.

Canada hopes to one day have visa-free travel between all EU countries.  Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Croatia have all had their visa restrictions lifted in recent years.  While this did lead to some increase in asylum claims, the government has worked to reduce them by adopting the list of Designated Countries of Origin, which works to make asylum claims process more quickly and fairer.  The list is considered a first step toward complete visa removal in the EU.

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