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Canada Immigration Citizenship

Have questions about Canada immigration and citizenship, or about obtaining a visa for any purpose? It’s not a legal requirement that a person be represented by an immigration lawyer when applying for these things, but in many cases getting the right legal counsel can save you time and money and many headaches down the road.

This is especially true for businesses that want to bring into their workforce those from other countries who may be in Canada permanently or for years and years. Understanding the laws about Canada immigration and citizenship before you make these decisions will help you to better manage your staff and to understand your rights and obligations in these cases. It’s also not unusual for someone that arrives in Canada on a work visa to want to stay permanently, meaning they too are interested in the legalities of Canada immigration and citizenship.

Unfortunately some will also have their application for citizenship denied, which means consulting a lawyer regarding Canada immigration and citizenship will be necessary. You may need to have a hearing regarding an appeal and a lawyer that specializes in Canada immigration and citizenship is your best chances of having that appeal wind up in your favour.

It’s also a fact that you cannot simply apply and be granted citizenship; the process is not like getting a driver’s license where you simply need to fill out a written test and then get your new license! There are many obligations on your part when it comes to Canada immigration and citizenship and much legality that must be acknowledged. When you consult with a lawyer that specializes in Canada immigration and citizenship you know these things right from the beginning and can be sure that everything is in order when you do apply for immigrant status or citizenship. This will be more likely to ensure that your application is approved.

Sometimes it’s not for yourself that you need counsel about Canada immigration and citizenship. Sometimes the family members of those in this country need assistance. As an example, a lawyer that specializes in Canada immigration and citizenship can advise about the necessary paperwork for the spouses and children of those that come to Canada on a work visa, if their families will be staying with them. This is especially important if there are children that will be enrolled in school, if the spouses will also be working, and so on. Consulting with a lawyer that specializes in Canada immigration and citizenship can mean that everyone’s papers are in order before the school year begins or before any other problems are encountered, saving the entire family many headaches and problems.

Consulting with a lawyer regarding Canada immigration and citizenship is always recommended for anyone looking to stay in the country beyond a vacation or quick business trip. It will mean understanding your obligations as well as your rights and will also mean ensuring that you avoid legal entanglements down the road.

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