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Canada Reiterates Commitment to Helping Refugees

9 December 2011

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney confirmed that Canada is committed to continue to provide refuge for those in need by expanding Canada’s resettlement program. Canada will be contributing 200 of our existing resettlement spaces for emergency situations similar to that of the thousands of refugees fleeing from Libya. Besides providing refuge for urgent situations, Canada will also use this resettlement program to provide protection for women and girls and victims of persecution due to sexual orientation. Consistent with this commitment, Canada is resettling a group woman who are victims of sexual violence in Haiti.

In addition, Minister Kenney also added that Canada is receiving an increasing number of asylum claims from Europe, which is much greater than the number of asylum claims received from Asia. The Minister is working with our partners through the UNHCR to address this issue.

Continuing on from past Canadian efforts to protect freedom of religion and belief, Minister Kenney also confirmed Canada’s dedication to establish an Office of Religious Freedom. Canada has resettled more than any other industrialized country in the world immediately behind the United States and Minister Kenney pledges to make continuous efforts to help more refugees in the World.

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