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March 29, 2010

Canada: Target for False Refugee Claims

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney speaking on CTV this weekend was reported in the Globe and Mail yesterday as voicing his concerns over the amount of bogus refugee claims made in Canada. He provided some statistics to back up his statements as follows:

  • Wait times for refugee claims are as long as a year and a half due to the clogging of the system with an abundance of claims;
  • Each claim can cost taxpayers up to $50,000.00;
  • The backlog has reached 63, 000 cases which could take two and a half years to process.

Mr. Kenney suggested that reforms be put in place in the future to avoid such clogging of the system by bogus or false claims. Some of his suggestions included cracking down on “bogus, unscrupulous (immigration) consultants and advisers who counsel people to make false applications”, dividing refugee claims by country depending on which countries are classified as “safe” and “unsafe”, establishing a new appeals process and reforming the role of the Immigration and Refugee Board to be less “politicized”.

For a link to the Globe and Mail article please click here

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