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Canada Visa

People from around the world are attracted to Canada for many reasons – medical care, business, or simply out of the desire for a great place to raise a family. In order to live in the country on a temporary or permanent basis, you need some form of Canada visa. Fighting through the legal system can be a painful process without the right assistance. If you have had difficulty in obtaining a Canada visa for whatever reason, the professionals at Bellissimo Law Group will lead you down the right path towards obtaining the specific Canada visa you desire. Depending on the visa type, you may be allowed to attend school, work, attend specialized training, receive medical treatment, travel or remain in Canada permanently. The law office of Mario D. Bellissimo and associates are more dedicated to our clients than any other immigration-related law firm in the country. Do not navigate the complex legal system alone – browse www.obr-immigration.com to schedule a consultation appointment or request more information.

Before trusting a law firm to assist you in obtaining a Canada visa, it is important to review their credentials and past service. As one of the extremely few lawyers certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada in Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugee law, Mario D. Bellissimo is one of the premier immigration lawyers in the country. He is a man of integrity who has gained international recognition from his dynamic, service oriented and engaging approach to immigration law. He writes a weekly newspaper column, co-edits two national publications, speaks at major immigration conferences around the world and educates the public about the most current changes in immigration-related laws and policy. His success has even led him to taking on cases that have gone all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada. Mr. Bellissimo volunteers on various committees consisting of immigration officers and court officials to collaborate towards improvements to the citizenship, refuge and immigration system. You can even see him featured on national and international television on our YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/bellissimolawgroup. Bellissimo and associates work with clients on a personal basis as we guide them through the process to ensure satisfaction – just ask one of his clients like Emrah Kocadag, who writes “…It’s a real fact that with out your team’s efforts for an humanitarian case update I wouldn’t be here in Canada now. Becoming a permanent resident in Canada is the best gift I’ve ever had in my life. I love Canada and think no other place to live. I’m so thankful to you and Canada too.”

For all your Canada visa needs, whether it be a business visitation, study permit, work permit or live-in caregiver, Bellissimo Law Group’s legal team will help you sort out any issues. Make sure not to wait until it is too late – if you are an undocumented immigrant, it is best to make things right and obtain a Canada visa that will let you legally stay in the country. Our consultants are available to speak to you in your native language if needed. Log on to www.obr-immigration.com today and schedule a consultation.

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