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February 23, 2011

Chinese Refugee Claimant Deported

A wealthy Chinese refugee claimant who was accused of fraud in his homeland was deported to China last week. The multimillionaire was placed on a flight home just hours after a federal court judge denied him an emergency stay of removal despite fears he could be tortured or executed upon his return.

Han Lin Zeng fled to Canada in 2000 after his business partner accused him of concealing mortgages. Zeng claimed corrupt officials framed him and remained in Canada illegally for four years before filing a refugee claim. His claim was subsequently denied due to the allegations against him.

While financial fraud is a capital crime in China, Judge Richard Boivin stated that there was no evidence that Zeng’s charges would be upgraded as such. He determined that while Zeng may be facing a substantial sentence, there was no evidence to support that the death penalty or torture would be imposed.


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