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Citizens to live abroad

Q.   I read regularly your articles in 24hrs. I am 63 of age and I am a Canadian citizen. I am planning to retire soon.  I would like to know

1. How long can I stay in U.S.A. or in other country (India) without loosing my citizenship and all my other benefits if I stay longer?

2. How my retirement benefits are affected if I stay longer?

3. How my medical benefits (OHIP) work during my stay in U.S.A. or in other country?

4. Any other terms & conditions apply to keep all these & other benefits.

A.  Thank you for your question.  In regards to keeping the citizenship status, this is not similar with maintaining your residency status, where you cannot be outside Canada more than roughly three years out of five to maintain status. Under the citizenship law, you are free to go and live wherever you want, for as long as you want, and then come back to Canada without losing the status. But, you will have to check with all the other organizations, OHIP included, that provide you with benefits – health and retirement benefits, to see whether they place any restrictions for Canadian citizens living abroad, non-residents in Canada for an indefinite period of time.  Good luck!

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