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CIC recently had the following comments regarding compliance, best “Substantially the Same” practices, & random audits:

To date, CIC has not refused any work permit applications based on the “Substantially the Same” provisions of the new Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) regulations.

CIC does not conduct random STS audits on employers as there must be an active work permit application in progress before an STS assessment can be completed.

If an employer hires TFWs, it would be a best practice to retain certain types of documentation in regards to the TFWs to be prepared to respond in the event of an STS assessment requiring additional information.

· Payroll records

· Timesheets

· Overtime records

· Employment contract

· Job title and job description

· Proof of benefits paid

· Proof of enrolment in worker’s compensation

· Proof of payment for transportation cost (airfare), and

· Location of employment

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