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Permanent Residence 

Could I Get a New PR Card?

Q. I am a permanent resident and my family’s PR cards expire in September 2010. Since the date of issue of our PR cards, we have stayed only one month in Canada. Due to financial constraints, we would be coming back in June 2010. If we enter Canada in June 2010, just before our PR cards expire will we be able to renew them or we have to exit upon expiry?

A. This is not an uncommon question. Individuals remain in Canada long enough just to receive a PR card and then, for whatever reason, leave immediately to another country, often their home country, where they usually have a lucrative job. This is an issue of retaining residency. First of all, assuming you do not have difficulty re-entering Canada, you may remain in Canada as long as you wish and do not have to leave before the expiration date of your PR card. If you are stopped at the airport you will have to seek relief from the Immigration Appeal Division to attempt to maintain your residency. If you do enter as permanent residents and you need to travel before renewing you may not be allowed back in Canada without having either a PR card or a travel document. In your case, once you apply for renewal of your PR cards, CIC will confirm whether you retained your residency – two years of physical residency within the last five years. There are options but you definitely need professional help with your case. Good luck!

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