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Family Class Sponsorships

Could My Sponsorship Application Be Refused?

Q. I landed in Canada in March 2008, worked for 2.5 months, rented an apartment, opened a bank account, and left to my home country to get married. I got married in July 2008 and I lived in Egypt ever since. I signed a contract with a Canadian company in March 2009 as an independent contractor, and I am currently working on projects outside Canada.

I wanted to sponsor my wife and I applied for my wife and in the application I mentioned I live in Canada (since I work for a Canadian company). Immigration sent the application back requesting more documents (Option C printout, gas bills, phone bills, bank statements, rental lease, etc.). I did my taxes for 2008, I have a Canadian cell phone, bank account, credit card. Is there a problem to sponsor my wife?

A. Yes, there could be a problem with sponsorship. First, the fact that you filed taxes, have a Canadian cell phone, bank account and a credit card in Canada does not mean that you reside in Canada. From Immigration Canada’s point of view, you may be misrepresenting yourself and your application will likely be refused. The legislation has provisions for sponsoring spouses outside Canada but refers only to Canadian citizens living abroad who will return to Canada after the application is approved. You are not a Canadian citizen, but a permanent resident. So in your case, you will not be able to sponsor your wife until you reestablish yourself in Canada and recommence the application while you physically live here. Good luck!

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