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Mario D. Bellissimo’s Recent Involvment with the Immigration Appeal Division!

Counsel Evening Session

The Immigration Appeal Division hosted a Counsel Evening Session on Thursday February 18, 2010 at 5:00pm in Boardroom 6B/C for ninety attendees.

Mario D. Bellissimo assisted in the planning and presentation of the Session to assist lawyers and consultants to understand the latest developments at the Immigration Appeal Division, as well as a training session of how best to prepare for Alternative Dispute Resolution. Mr. Bellissimo presented a paper that included 25 essential preparatory steps.

This paper will be published in an upcoming issue of Immquest. The Alternative Dispute Resolution segment included a panel of three; a dispute resolution officer, a minister counsel and a counsel (Mario D. Bellissimo) to describe their roles in an ADR conference.  A short segment on case management was presented to provide clarification on the mechanics of file transfers to other regions, which provided answers to questions such as the percentage of cases transferred, challenges faced when hearings are heard via videoconference, and if these cases excluded from being considered for Early Resolution.

Last, there was a discussion on the protocol re: Assignment Court and postponements and adjournments.  The session ran for two and a half hours and was very informative and well received.  Mr. Bellissimo was delighted by the invitation to speak and always makes himself available whenever possible to assist in the training of colleagues.

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