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Refused Based on Criminal Inadmissibility?

Bellissimo Law Group has extensive experience with criminal cases. We are familiar with the legal processes that would allow you to overcome this inadmissibility.

A foreign national or permanent resident is deemed criminally inadmissible after being convicted under any Act of Parliament, with the most prevalent being the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC) andthe Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Immigration Offences under the IRPA

Sections 117 to 150.1 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act deal with offences under the Act, which include people smuggling (s.117-121), possessing false documents in order to contravene the Act (s.122), and general offences (s. 124-131), including direct or indirect misrepresentations that potentially induce an error in the administration of the Act.


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Mario D. Bellissimo is the Co-Author of a publication which provides a comprehensive analysis of the legislative framework and the jurisprudence in the areas of immigration and criminal law, and their intersection.

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