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Discriminating No More

At the present time a vast amount of immigrant groups are not qualified to have their vote considered. Local council elections and school boards of trustees are organizations that will not accept Canadians on Canadian visas to have their vote count.

There has been debates regarding whether or not newcomers on Canadian visas should be able to vote, though until now there has been little progress. Approximately fifty-seven community groups in Toronto have been supporting the campaign ‘I vote Toronto’ which specifically concentrate on making non-citizens settling in Canada to have the right to vote.

Helping this campaign is Toronto's Mayor, David Miller, he has promised to act on this cause and be able to win the right to have non citizens vote in municipal elections. Averages of 262,000 people are living in Toronto with just a Canadian visa. This amount is excluded from any rights to vote that Canadian citizens have.

As well the purpose of making this change will benefit skilled immigrants, for this will make Canadian immigration much more accepting which will open doors for immigration. This issue is looked upon with optimism and many hope that the Municipal Elections and Education Act will change its laws before 2010.

*Source: Clifford, Liam Canadian visa holders should have voting rights.
12 June 2009

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