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Diversity Our Strength

Toronto is the ‘fifth-most-livable’ city in the world according to Economist Intelligence Unit report, the city's official motto is ‘Diversity Our Strength’. This comes as no surprise as our health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure leads most other municipalities around the world. Due to this, half of the people immigrating to Canada during 1996 to 2006 settled in Ontario; out of that, most chose Toronto as their new home. Fifty percent of the population in Toronto belongs to one of the many visible minority groups that we embrace.

New findings by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, a national voice of municipal government since 1901, report that immigration settlement in suburbs or smaller cities are on the rise. This has many suburban Canadian city mayors calling for greater funding to properly meet settlement planning, language training and recreational programs to provide better integration. Affordable housing and greater public health services are also matters that would be offered more efficiently if there were more abundant resources. These cities are also demanding more say in immigration and settlement planning.

There are numerous government funded immigrant services in Toronto. If there is a shift in settlement demographic, then the funding should be payable in harmony with the shift of the ‘colonization’. Municipalities across Canada are asking for a louder voice also. Their argument is that municipalities provide as the forefront for newcomers, therefore should be more involved in allocating settlement expenditures and participation in federal/provincial discussion on immigration. It is their belief that better services for newcomers, even in smaller cities, will build our multicultural nation stronger.

*Source: The importance of municipalities for immigration and settlement
in Canada http://www.cicnews.com/2009/05/importance-municipalities-immigration-settlement-canada-05718.html

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