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Establishing Paternity

Q. I sponsored my husband as a fiancée back in 2000. We married the following year and he is now a Canadian citizen. Before he left Jamaica, his ex-girlfriend had a child and he added his name on the birth certificate. There was a lot of confusion about the paternity and she did not provide a blood test for DNA testing. As a result the child was not included on his sponsorship papers. We would now like to sponsor her as we believe she is his and she is not living in good conditions.

A. You might be in for a tough road ahead. Your husband recognized he was the father when he placed his name on his/her birth certificate. Legally, the child is his, without a DNA test he has admitted paternity.  A DNA test may confirm that he is not the biological father but legally he is the child’s father.  Therefore, irrespective of tests, he should have included the child on his application, as a “non-accompanying” dependant.  Regrettably by not including child on his application he is permanently banned from sponsoring the child.  You definitely require professional help to explore what other options may exist. Good luck!

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