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Ex-KGB Agent fighting to Bolster Case

Mikhail Lennikov is a former KGB agent fighting deportation. He is accusing the federal government of dragging its feet in releasing documents they claim will prove he is not a national security threat. He has been living in sanctuary in a Vancouver church since June. He submitted a request three months ago under the Privacy Act for his personal files from the RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

NDP MP Peter Julian who's helping his constituent, claims the government missed the 30-day deadline to hand over the documents. While the RCMP recently released a heavily-censored 59-page file, border services and CSIS have invoked deadline extensions under the law.

Both Julian and Lennikov maintain that this is because there is no real evidence to back up the claim that Lennikov's stint in the KGB makes him a danger to Canada. At a news conference inside First Lutheran Church in Vancouver, Julian told reporters; "I think it's fair to say given the publicity around this case and given the broad level of public support that the Lennikov family has received, that if the government had anything of substance they would have chosen to get that information out there to try to change public opinion."

Julian said he has applied to Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart to appeal the RCMP's censured disclosures.

*Source: Metro News – Wednesday September 2, 2009

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