September 30, 2014

Federal Skilled Worker Backlog Litigation – Supreme Court of Canada

Posted by Mario Bellissimo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

The Federal Court of Appeal dismissed the Appellants’ arguments at the end of August 2014. After carefully reviewing this decision, it is our position that the Court failed to address many of the legal arguments the Appellants raised and that the Court’s consideration of the issues addressed was flawed. Consequently, there is merit to proceeding to the Supreme Court of Canada.  The deadline for submitting the leave application to the Supreme Court of Canada is 60 days from the date of the Federal Court of Appeal’s decision. At this time few appellants have expressed an interest in proceeding to the Supreme Court of Canada and as a consequence our office will not be proceeding.    We have fought for over two years on this matter and are deeply disappointed with the respective Courts’ treatment of the legal issues.  We thank you for all your support over the past years and understand the reluctance of most to proceed any further and to move on with their lives.  In the end the termination decision will over time, in our view, be considered a low point in Canadian immigration history.