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Flood of Hungarian refugees seen to be a problem

An article published January 9, 2010 in the Toronto Star newspaper reported the high number of Hungarian immigrants who are making refugee claims in Canada. According to the Star, the number of Hungarian refugee claimants began to rise dramatically after Canada lifted visa requirements in 2008, when Hungary joined the European Union.

Hungary is now one of the top three countries with the highest Canadian refugee claims. Before the visa requirements in 2008 were lifted, there was an average of 20-40 refugee claims made from Hungarians. After the lift on requirements, the numbers rose to 200 claims per month, but “at the same time, the board’s approvals of claims have plunged to zero.”

Ottawa is considering reimposing visa requirements on Hungary to solve this influx of refugee claimants.

Source: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/748501–visa-clampdown-near-for-hungarian-visitors

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