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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Mario D. Bellissimo’s Answer:

A.  This is a common question and a good one because the law on skilled workers is somewhat unclear. In your case, more information would be required to undertake a preliminary assessment including information about your first degree, your occupation and work experience among others.  But, assuming that after you received your first degree you accumulated at least one year of work experience at a certain level while legally resided in Canada for that time, then you might qualify to apply for permanent residency under category 3 of the skilled worker class. To qualify, as stated, you must be legally residing in Canada legally for at least one year and have work experience for at least one year in an occupation classified at level 0, A or B under the NOC (National Occupational Classification).  These categories range from managers, to trades people to professionals.  So clear and verifiable information relating to your employment, the main duties you perform and your educational background is step one in investigating your potential to become a permanent resident of Canada. Good luck!

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