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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Mario D. Bellissimo’s Answer:

A.  You may have read on the Immigration Department website that after completing two years of study in Canada, a person may apply for permanent residency.  Unfortunately, the program you are likely referring to does not apply to your nephews’ case.  The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) refers to college or university graduates who, after being enrolled in a program of study of at least two years, can obtain an open work permit and then, after having gathered work experience for one full year, apply for permanent residency.  In your nephews’ case, they have not yet completed high school.   So, they do not have a Canadian degree or diploma or work experience.  Your nephews must complete high school, then a college/university diploma/degree and one year of relevant work experience and then apply.  As the old saying goes, good things happen to those who wait. Good luck!

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