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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Mario D. Bellissimo’s Answer:

A: To start, you cannot bring your future husband to Canada as a permanent resident unless you marry first, apply and are approved for permanent residency.  I assume from your question you do not live together and are in a  common law relationship.   Further, you cannot sponsor him as a fiancée as this category was abolished in 2002.  Also, where the marriage takes place has no bearing on the decision as long as the marriage is performed according to the laws of  the country in which you wed and Canada recognizes the marriage laws.  Marriage in the United States is clearly recognized in Canada.  So if you are ready to wed be prepared for the series of steps that follow and the months of processing time.  The other alternative is to live together for one year and file as common law partners.  Either way, it will not be an overnight process.  Good luck!

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