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December 19, 2010

Government of Canada to Facilitate Immigration of 1,000 Tibetan Refugees.

In keeping with Canada’s humanitarian tradition, the Government of Canada has announced its intention to facilitate the immigration of up to 1,000 Tibetan refugees from the state of Arunachal Pradesh over a five year period.

In 1972 the Tibetan Refugee Program was established in Canada which led to the resettlement of approximately 230 Tibetans in Canada from Northern India. The new measures are being developed in response to a request by the Tibetan community and their focus is on maximizing the involvement of communities in Canada. They aim to do this by focusing on individuals who are supported by the Canadian-Tibetan community.

Facilitating immigration for various groups around the world is a long standing tradition for Canada. Prospective immigrants are matched to community sponsors through private sponsorships and initial settlement costs, including housing, are guaranteed by the sponsors so there is no additional cost to Canadians.


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