January 2, 2015

Happy 2015 Canada! What a Year it will be . . .

Posted by Mario Bellissimo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

So Express Entry has launched.  The move towards a paperless Canadian immigration system has just taken a huge step forward.  Proponents of the new immigration management system argue the criteria are clear and the selection process tangible and free of discretion.  Detractors argue there will be no transparency, not an appropriate degree of discretion and the ultimate measurement of future Canadians should demand more.

As I have written previously, over the last few years the changes to our immigration system have been dizzying.  Clearly we need immigrants to build our future and support our population. The government’s decision to focus on domestic demand is sound and will contribute to the success of those who immigrate to Canada but the focus cannot be overly narrow. For all classes of immigrants, integration into Canadian communities, including outside of large cities, is vital.  We must be very careful to not simply focus on Canada’s future immigrants as economic units but as people who need love, support, and a fair chance to thrive in a country with a national immigration and integration plan that considers not only their work place but the country in which they will live.

Immigration remains a very hot issue in the media and it is unlikely with the launch of the Express Entry program, the ongoing focus on the temporary foreign worker program and refugees in need, this will change any time soon.  At the end of this year we are likely to see a Federal election, could certain of these immigration issues factor into a national election debate?  Immigration issues are often too thorny for election speak but if there ever was a time given the transformative changes of the past four years if the program is doing well, with the support of most Canadians, then who knows.  I guess the opposite could hold true as well.  Canadian immigration law and policy will likely see a fascinating unfolding over the next 364 days.

For now though, on behalf of all of us at Bellissimo Law Group, Happy 2015!

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