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Hiring Skilled Workers Made Easier

An organization has been created specifically to assist local employers. It is well known that there are many difficulties to hire and retain newly immigrated skilled workers.

This Ottawa organization has invested $1.9 Million Canadian dollars to help with this project. The purpose of this plan in to focus on biotechnological professions which include: health care, IT, finance, and public sectors.

By the year 2011 it is believed that Canadian immigration will be in charge of all the labour market growth in the region, as well it is predicted that by the year 2014 labour requirements in local areas will exceed the supply of workers.

The idea is to get new immigrants professions that they have skills for. If they have the skill, expertise, qualification and language proficiency they should be able to have the career they qualify for without having to fight many conflicts. This program has been proven efficient; a similar program "United Way Ottawa" proves the effectiveness of this program.

*Source: http://www.rsscanadaimmigration.com/en/blog/

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