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Hiring Trained Foreign Worker Program

This month, Minister Jason Kenney announced a new resource that will help aid Canadian employers. This new resource will help direct Canadian employers through the process of hiring foreign workers with international training.

This new system was created to aid Canadian employers, mainly entrepreneurs, to find and bring in foreign workers to work with them. This system benefits Canadian employers who find it difficult to find qualified workers that reside in Canada. By opening the doors to many foreign workers, this can help improve Canadian's economy as well help foreigners to gain a permanent residency in Canada. An online website has been created to assist employers: www.credentials.gc.ca.

On this online "Road map" there are directions to help understand how to bring in these foreign workers, how to make sure that the foreign workers are qualified, and how to legally go about recruiting. It is believed that this resource will help meet their staffing needs in any sector of their business.


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